Venue and price

House is spacious, suitable for 2 – 15 people.

Protože chalupu  pronájímáme první sezónu a ona i my jsme v záběhu :), stanovili jsme pro rok 2016 zaváděcí ceny:

Cena za jednu dospělou osobu a noc  300,-

Dětem do 10 let poskytujeme 50% slevu.

Děti do tří let mají pobyt zdarma.

Cena za pejska 50,-

V ceně je zahrnuto používání povlečení, ručníků, čistících prostředků, spotřeba vody a elektrické energie a závěrečný úklid. Uvedené ceny se nevztahují na Silvestrovský pobyt.


SUITE is the biggest residential room in the house. With the bathroom it can fit as an apartment for family of 4 members. It is equipped with three beds and a big dining table. A fully equipped kitchen with an electrical stove is part of the suite. A wood burning stove, which is used to heat the groundfloor and also the bedrooms on the first floor, is also located in the kitchen. Cakes as well as meat can be baked in its oven.

BATHROOMS there are two in the house. One on the groundfloor and one on first floor. These pacious rooms are equipped with showers, sinks and toilets. You can also use a washing machine in the first floor bathroom. There is also one additional toilet with a sink on the first floor.

BEDROOMS we offer three and all of them on the first floor. The southern bedroom has three beds, bedside tables and a wardrobe. It is sunny and warm with a window looking at an old orchard in front of the house. In the northern bedroom we offer a double bed and two single beds. A baby bed can be provided if asked. It is darker, calmer with two small and romantic windows and a retro painting. The third bedroom is the biggest and is located above the attic space on the very top of the house. A variable number and of beds (2-8) can be placed and distributed there. All the beds are equipped with fine mattresses and mattress protections. Light, warm blankets are covered with soft cotton sheets.

ATTIC is a big room with wooden floor and roof lights, suitable for bigger groups, for courses, workshops, lectures, balls and any other types of gatherings. It is heated with a powerful wood burning stove.

You can feel the atmosphere of the old times in the cottage. You can enhance the feeling with listening to music from LPs. You can play board games or electronic darts. There is free WiFi connection.

SURROUNDINGS of the house offer a vast variety of activities. The doorstep faces the south and it attracts to enjoy breakfast or an afternoon coffee there. There is a fireplace with benches in front of the house as well as a slopy orchard with old fruit trees. The house is surrounded by meadows and close forests offer a calm and shady atmosphere to enjoy during warm summer days.

PARKING is available for four cars behind the house.

TRANSPORTATION  by car is possible througout most of the year. Be ready for a very steep climb at last 300 m of the road.

Do you want to spend a few days with your family or organize a course? Call us…